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                          SCITDA Fall Conference: The Live Web

                          I spoke today at the South Carolina IT Director's Association fall conference. The topic was "The Live Web." The subject of my upcoming book. Here's the summary: The web is moving from the Dynamic Query/Static Data model that has characterized Web 2.0 sites to a Dynamic Data/Static Query model that characterizes many of today's most interesting Internet interactions. What does this mean for your organization and how can you take advantage of this shift? And here's the slides: The conference was fun and I'm glad David Elwer invited me.
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                          Longtails and Software Keynote

                          Several people asked for a copy of my slides from keynote this morning. Here they are: Longtails and Software.
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                          User Centric Reputation Slides

                          Today I gave a talk at AOL in Virginia about reputation. I also had a chance to talk to a small working group on reputation and to the Architecture Council. The discussions were very good and gave me some food for thought. I came away more convinced than ever that what we need to build are reputation systems that bring more cues about people and their actions to bear, in a way that allows the user to control the privacy issues, and with as much emergent behavior as possible to avoid overt configuration. Such a system should reward people
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                          JA-SIG Keynote on Digital Identity

                          I gave my keynote presentation on the social and economic impact of digital identity to the JA-SIG 2007 Summer conference. JA=SIG promotes the development and use of open architectures in higher education. In addition to their semiannual conference, they also have several projects that members develop and contribute to. The presentation went pretty well, I thought. There were probably about 150 people in the room. The PDF of my slides is available as well as a screencast demoing CardSpace and another screencast demoing OpenID which I showed in lieu of live demos. Neither is edited nor does either have
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                          The Economics of OpenID

                          I spoke at the Identity Solutions Symposium on the topic of Social and Economic Aspects of Identity (PDF of slides). This is a difficult topic because there is so much to say and so many issues that you could cover. One of the things I didn't talk about that I wish I'd had time to cover was the developing economics around user-centric identity. With announcements like OpenID and CardSpace interoperability and AOL's support for OpenID only a few weeks old, I think that we're getting very close to the identity "big bang" that Kim Cameron talks about. If you're
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                          Speaking of Blogging...

                          I spoke about blogging today to the Utah Valley Chapter of the PRSA. I enjoyed it a lot. Lots of good discussion and interest. Kip Meacham also spoke. In a reversal of roles, the techie (me) spoke about why blog and the marketer (Kip) spoke to the mechanics of blogging. Noelle Bates of Logoworks set it all up. Here's a copy of my slides. The only problem with an event like this is that one hour (Kip and I each had an hour) is hardly enough to get started. For example, I didn't get into much on the "corporate
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                          v|100 Podcast Interview

                          A month or so ago, I was interviewed by Dennis Wood of vSpring Capital as part of their v|100 series. The podcast is now up.
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                          Reputation at USU

                          I had a good time speaking at USU today. I gave a talk on digital identity and the reputation framework. While I was there I met and got to spend a little time with Justin Ball and Dave Wiley from the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning. They've got a project right now that will require them to choose a cross-domain identity (user-centric ID) system. We had a good discussion of the options.
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                          Speaking at USU

                          I'm going to be speaking today at Utah State University on digital identity. I believe the talk is at noon in room 416 Old Main.
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                          Blogging at Altiris

                          I gave a training session on blogging to Altiris employees yesterday. The PR department there is very progressive and is embracing blogging as a way of enhancing the conversation with their customers. I was very impressed with their attitude and excitement to get out in front of this. The session was well attended and had good executive support. If you're interested in looking at my slides, here they are (PDF). If you'd like the audio to go with them, I'd be happy to come speak to your group. :-) In the meantime, I'm anxious to see some Altiris bloggers
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                          Identity 2.0 Talk

                          My presentation on Identity 2.0 (PDF) went well this morning. I was first up (8:45), so the crowd was a little smaller than I'd have hoped for, but I got some good questions and lots of interesting discussion afterwards. Rod Boothby spent some time going over his talk from yesterday with me since there was some good agreement on key points.
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                          Collaboration Technologies and Timezones

                          I've switched venues to the Collaborative Technologies Conference, also in Boston this week. I'll be giving a talk in Identity 2.0 tomorrow morning at 8:45. The conference is at the Seaport, a very nice hotel near the Boston World Trade Center. I was able to take the T from MIT, where we were this morning, right to the WTC for $1.25. What a bargain. The silver line, is this weird underground bus thingie; first time I've ever seen that. CTC is about collaboration and the tracks look quite interesting. I'm hoping to take in a session on the Web
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                          Identity Brokers and Business Models

                          Next week, I'm moderating a discussion at the Berkman Identity Mashup in Boston. Our panel is at 9am on Tuesday if you're coming. The title of the panel is "Interoperability, Open Identity, and Identity Brokers." Here's the description: Very likely there will be a new industry of identity brokers, identity providers, and relying parties using those digital identities. Will it become subject to power laws and vendor concentration? What forces will play a role in shaping this new industry? The Higgins open source software framework is one emerging implementation for identity systems that allows for interoperability and integration, utilizing
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                          Blogger Conference Report

                          Phil Burn's sets up the banner(click to enlarge) The Utah Blogger Conference started out a lot like a blog: informal, slow, and a little disorganized, but once it got going, there was a lot of energy. I noticed a lot of informal conversations happening as the conference organizers were setting up and those are likely to prove as useful as anything else. The conference was organized by Phil Burns and Ryan Money with a lot of help fro their friends. There are about 160-180 people here, so the turnout is great. The main event was a panel with Cydni Tetro,
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                          Speaking at Yahoo! on Reputation

                          Yahoo!(click to enlarge) I gave a presentation on identity and reputation at Yahoo! today as Chad Dickerson's guest. The talk (slides) introduced user-centric identity and then introduced the reputation framework that my students built. I hope we'll have releasable code and a paper available soon. I'm looking for funding to support further development of the framework. If reputation is interesting to you or your organization, contact me. I'd be happy to talk to you about what we've done and how you might be able to participate.
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                          Blogging 101 Panel

                          The Utah Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators & Public Relations Society of America is having their spring conference May 9 at the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake. I've been asked to lead a panel called "Blogging 101." I'm looking for three other people to fill out the panel. If you'd like to be on the panel contact me. If I don't know you, please give me some idea of your blogging experience and what you'd like to contribute to the panel (i.e. what needs to be said). Even if you don't want to be on the
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                          Geek Dinner Tonight

                          I'll be speaking on microformats at the geek dinner tonight. See you there.
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