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                          Podcast: Scott Lemon, Dion Almaer, Ben Galbraith on The State of the Web 2010

                          The web continues to evolve as new devices appear and new standards are adopted. The iPhone and other mobile devices are now in the mix of places where people go to connect with each other. Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith call from Belgium where they were attending the Devoxx 2010 conference. They talk with Phil and Scott about internet protocols and social networking and how these are affected by the many different ways people and companies are interacting.
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                          Asymmetric Follow a Core Web 2.0 Pattern

                          James Governor wrote a post on asymmetrical follow as a core Web 2.0 pattern earlier this month. I ran across it when JP referenced it in his quest to decide if Twitter is a publishing platform. James uses this metaphor to explain asymmetric follow: You're sitting at the back of the room in a large auditorium. There is a guy up front, and he is having a conversation with the people in the front few rows. You can't hear them quite so well, although it seems like you can tune into them if you listen carefully.
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                          Building Personas

                          The floor(click to enlarge) I attended a few sessions on personas. I didn't get it all, but I did have some thoughts that I tried to record. Here are some questions to ask: Who is the shopper? Examples include First time buyer Repeat customer with specific frequency Loyalty program member What task is the shopper trying to accomplish? Examples include Replenish - buy a product they've bought before Accessorize - buy products related to what they've bought before Research - find information on specific product Browse - just killing time Leave - didn't intend to get here) You should
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                          Web 2.0 and Ecommerce: David Friedman

                          David Friedman of Avenue A | Razorfish is talking about Web 2.0 technogies and ecommerce. The title was "Web 2.0: A reality check" and I was kind of expecting a cautionary tale, but it was more a tale that went something like "if you're not doing this, then you're dead." The Web has always been a great place for surgical shopping. When you know what you want, you can go get it and the experience is largely good. Web 2.0 technologies give us the opportunity to put more of the fun of a traditional shopping experience into the Web.
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                          Social Networking and Retail

                          Some ideas from the social networking and retail panel: Engage communities that share our passions, partner with leaders in the this space Use caution or mistrust will erode the audience Switching barriers are low Enable fans to act as advocates Social network will become a primary channel for targeted marketing.
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                          John McCain Wants to Be My Friend!

                          I got an invitation from John McCain to be his friend on LinkedIn: So far 103 people are John McCain's friends on LinkedIn. I accepted, naturally, based on our close association in the US Navy--not withstanding the fact that he started at the US Naval Academy the year I was born and was just finishing his service when I was an E-5 attached to a recruiting command in Seattle attending school in the Nuclear Propulsion Program. I've pondered this invitation for the last few days wondering first if it was associated with the campaign at all and then what
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                          Steve Gillmor on Twitter

                          I love Steve Gillmor's writing and how he puts things together. Witness this on Twitter.
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                          Facebook Beacon Demo

                          If you've been curious about privacy concerns over Facebook Beacon, this demo shows how it works and why some are concerned. I think Moveon.org is totally the wrong organization to take this on, but whatever. If you're a Firefox user (one more good reason to switch), these instructions show how to use the BlockSite plugin to kill Beacon. This will still allow you to use the rest of Facebook.
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                          Barbie Key Signings

                          What's hot for Christmas 2007? Barbie key signings.
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                          Andrew McAfee on the Exploitation of Ties

                          Andrew McAfee of Harvard Business School(click to enlarge) I'm listening to Andrew McAfee's keynote at Defrag. He's talking about how social software can be used inside the enterprise. One of the key tasks facing proponents of social software is to articulate the value. Any worker has relationships of various strengths with co-workers. They might have strong ties to a core group who they work with all the time and weaker ties to others. There are still others who have the potential to provide value through relationship whom the worker doesn't know yet. The prototypical tool for strongly tied teams
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                          At Defrag

                          I'm in Denver at Defrag. Eric Nolan, Brad Feld, and Phil Becker have organized it to discuss "the internet-based tools that transform loads of information into layers of knowledge, and accelerate the "aha" moment. Defrag is about the space that lives in between knowledge management, "social" networking, collaboration and business intelligence." I missed Dave Weinberger's keynote. I didn't want to--he's an engaging speaker and this performance must have been great: I walked in as someone commented that she never expected to come to a tech confernce and cry in the first sessions. But to make it I would have
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                          Stupid Reporter Tricks

                          I don't water ski. Never been. But let me take a minute to tell you why it's a stupid thing to do and all the reasons why you should waste your time doing it--just based on things I've heard. Stupid? Doesn't keep people from doing the same thing about Twitter.
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                          Reeds Law and Social Networks

                          David Cushman has brought together a lot of different pieces in a thoughtful article about Reed's Law and social networking. As I read his thoughts about our identity (personal rather than digitial), I'm reminded of a recent conversation Moira Gunn had with Goff Moore and David Thomson (podcast) about how we relate to each other in this first decade of the 21st century.
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                          Social Graphs and Identity Systems

                          I just posted about social networking and identity at BTL. This represents some of my views on Brad Fitzpatrick's paper on the social graph problem as well as Dave Winer's podcast on the subject. Both Brad's paper and Dave's podcast (not just the summary) are worth paying attention to.
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                          Facebook for the iPhone

                          Facebook announced a version for the iPhone. The formatting and content of the site is rearranged to create a more pleasing iPhone experience. I just logged on from my iPhone and found it far superior to navigating the tradition Facebook site from the iPhone. Of course, there's not really an "iPhone version" since the iPhone version will work on anything with a browser. It's not as nice on a full sized browser as the traditional formatting, but it would probably be nicer on, say, Opera on your Razr (someone let me know, please). Earlier, Netvibes introduced an iPhone version
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                          Facebook As Platform

                          Paul Allen is all over Facebook's f8 announcement in this post from last week. I know Paul well enough to know that when he gets this excited, something must be cooking. I even went and signed up for a Facebook account--something I've been loathe to do for some time (I'm tired of joining and typing every detail of my life into one app after another).
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                          Twittering Leads to Connectedness

                          I've been playing with Twitter since the last CTO breakfast. Interesting to go back and look at that post and realize it was before Kathy Sierra stopped blogging. Since then I've had a number of people ask me about Twitter, what it is, why it's useful, and so on. Right now, I think Twitter is more useful as an example than a tool. I've learned something about how networked applications can create a sense of presence that goes well beyond IM. The group of people who are my friends on Twitter right now are all people I know (I
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                          Karen Stephenson on Social Network Analysis

                          If you miss PopTech! on IT Conversations (and I do) then listen to this talk by Karen Stephenson on Social Network Analysis from MeshForum. It's every bit as good as anything from PopTech! Whether you're interested in social networking, organizational issues, management, or group interaction, there's something here for you. Fascinating stuff.
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                          Overstock's Community Portal

                          Overstock.com has launched a community portal where they hope their customers will write "guides" about things that they're passionate about. Seems like an interesting idea. I've wondered about the ability to harness people's passion to create customer service sites that are more useful than those run by the company. Interestingly it's built on MediaWiki which I think is a great platform, but a little hard for wiki novices to use. I wonder if they've done something to make page editing any easier. I'm wondering rather than looking because when I went to sign up for an account, they wanted
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                          Church Networks

                          The United Methodist Church (UMC) has a online social network (with some funny URLS). The network is similar to other social networks: create a profile page, make your blog, link to friends, etc. The difference, as explained on the site: What makes the UMC.org Community unique is our needs registry, allowing you to reach beyond your immediate communities to a global audience. The needs registry allows you to share your gifts and share how you personally want to help make the world a better place. The idea here is to connect those with needs with those that are equipped
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                          Community in Denial

                          Christopher Koch, who is the Executive Editor at CIO Magazine, has a provacative post on his blog about "community" being the code word of denial in the current burst of activity commonly called Web 2.0. He compares it to the word "collaboration" which fueled the B2B bubble in the late 90's. Using the c-word allows you to "slide past any discussion or proof of real value." Chris points out three things necessary to get and keep visitors to any Web site: Perceived value Safety Clear exchange of value You could probably argue the first of these draws visitors, the
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