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                          Activity Contexts in SquareTag

                          While knowing my location is a good thing, knowing what I want to do is even better. Until machines become sentient, SquareTags that record activity context is an excellent way to bridge the gap.
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                          Has Social Networking Reached the End of its Cycle?

                          Most of the hot trends on computing seem like more of the same and people start to wonder how all this personal data they're sharing can help improve their lives. Personal clouds and life management platforms offer a revolutionary answer to what's next.
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                          What Personal Event Networks Do

                          Personal event networks create a world beyond mobile and social where products are part of your social network.
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                          App Pushers and Enforcers

                          Lately, I've noticed a phenomenon that is extremely unhealthy, not mention annoying: companies more or less forcing you to use their mobile app instead of their Web site. The truth is that most businesses don't need an app. They just need a Web site that works.
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                          A Completely Connected World Depends on Loosely Coupled Architectures

                          This article from CNNMoney describes a completely connected world where not just every device, but literally every thing you own "will want to be your friend on the Facebook of things." At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, companies like IBM (IBM, Fortune 500), Qualcomm (QCOMM), AT&T (T, Fortune 500) and Ericsson showed off their vision of a not-too-distant future in which every item in your life, from your refrigerator to your fridge magnets, will soon connect to the Internet or communicate other Internet-connected gizmos. Here's how it would work: Electric devices like washing machines, thermostats and televisions will
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                          My Initial Thoughts on the iPad

                          Image by Tom Raftery via Flickr On Saturday, the UPS truck pulled up to the front of my house and dropped off a couple of iPads (32Gb, no 3G). The driver said they were delivering about 350 of them around Utah County that day. I spent a good part of rest of the weekend playing, exploring, and evalutating it. Here are my initial thoughts. First, as many have already said, the screen is gorgeous and the form factor incredible. The first thing many comment on when they first hold it is: this is beautiful. The device was a little
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                          Space-Time-Travel Data Changing the World Now

                          Jeff Jonas, who is one of the world's premiere data analysis experts writes: Mobile devices in America are generating something like 600 billion geo-spatially tagged transactions per day. Every call, text message, email and data transfer handled by your mobile device creates a transaction with your space-time coordinate (to roughly 60 meters accuracy if there are three cell towers in range), whether you have GPS or not. Got a Blackberry? Every few minutes, it sends a heartbeat, creating a transaction whether you are using the phone or not. If the device is GPS-enabled and you're using a location-based service
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                          SMS Phishing Attack

                          Image by Chaddycakes via Flickr I received several texts this morning, allegedly from my bank that said: FRM: FARWESTBANK MSG: Urgent Far West Bank message AUTHORIZATION. To verify call TOOL FREE 8662249038. Being the curious sort, I called and played around with it. The system was an IVR that asked for credit card information (all of it). I recorded the call so you can listen too. Click here for the MP3 file. The places with low audio are me typing my responses. Of course, I didn't give it a real credit card number but I did give it a
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                          Connecting in Afganistan

                          Michael Yon has a good post about mobile phone use and misuse in Afghanistan. If you're not reading Yon, he's an independent reporter who's been embedded in Iraq and now Afghanistan. I've been reading him for a while. Very good to get a first hand, detailed report. And I love the pictures he puts up on his blog.
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                          Putting ICE on Your Cell

                          A great tip from David Stephenson: Keep ICE in Your Cell Phone! Basically the idea is simple, put "in case of emergency" contacts into your phone's contact list as ICE-1, ICE-2, etc. That way, emergency responders can look in your cell phone to find out who to contact. Of course, they have to know to do this, so we need to get a critical mass of people doing it and get a little traction. I'm in.
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                          One Good Reason to Love the iPhone

                          Some people wonder why I love my iPhone. I'll give you one simple reason: In all the years I've owned mobile phones, not one ever got better as it aged. The iPhone has gotten better three times now and promises to do so in the future. Today's bump added pseudo-GPS capability (which seems to work surprisingly well), a user-manageable home page, and multiple SMS recipients. As an aside, my update wasn't seamless. After it tried the first time, it told me I had to do a restore. That worked fine, restoring the software to the latest version and then
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                          AT&T Doesn't Want Critics as Customers

                          AT&T's terms of service now allow them to immediately terminate the service of anyone who is critical of the company. From Broadband Reports: "AT&T may immediately terminate or suspend all or a portion of your Service, any Member ID, electronic mail address, IP address, Universal Resource Locator or domain name used by you, without notice, for conduct that AT&T believes ... tends to damage the name or reputation of AT&T, or its parents, affiliates and subsidiaries." Amazing! By the way, have I mentioned lately how happy I am with AT&T's service? Really..., it is. I mean it.
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                          Want to Buy Used Cricket Phone

                          I'm looking for a used Cricket mobile phone to replace one my daughter has dropped one too many times. If you have one in good shape you're not using anymore, let me know. I'll buy it.
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                          Using Mobile Phones to Find Traffic Jams

                          Scott Barlow sent me a pointer to this story about using cell phone triangulation data to determine traffic congestion. The Bangalore Traffic Information System is offline at the moment--Slashdot effect, I'm sure. Of course, you can tell more than how congested the roadways are. You can also determine commuting patterns--in aggregate--over time. When they redid I-15 through Salt Lake before the Olympics, all kinds of sensors were embedded in the roads to give UDOT this kind of information. This is a novel use of data that's already there to accomplish the same thing without the additional infrastructure.
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                          Safari Resetting (Crashing) on iPhone

                          Has any one else experienced Safari resetting or crashing on their iPhone. Just the last few days this has happened to me several times. I'm trying to figure out if it's a Web site I go to, how I'm using Safari (quite a few pages open at once), the network I'm on (don't think so), or something else. I hope Apple's getting the crash reports from me and others. Meanwhile, Marc Hedlund has some praise and scorn for the iPhone.
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                          iPhone First Impressions

                          Waiting for the iPhone in SLC at the Apple store(click to enlarge) A little less than a year ago, I asked "what mobile device should I buy?" I received a lot of good advice on different phones, but in the end decided that nothing was quite right. I've had my iPhone for about 60 hours now. For the most part, I've been pretty amazed. Apple set a very high bar and they delivered. Count me as an unabashed fan. When I was waiting in line on Friday, Paul Beebe from the SL Tribune was wandering around talking to people.
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                          iPhone Matches Hype

                          David Pogue, the technology reviewer for the NY Times, has released his review of the iPhone. The conclusion: [E]ven in version 1.0, the iPhone is still the most sophisticated, outlook-changing piece of electronics to come along in years. It does so many things so well, and so pleasurably, that you tend to forgive its foibles. In other words, maybe all the iPhone hype isn't hype at all. As the ball player Dizzy Dean once said, "It ain't bragging if you done it." From The iPhone Matches Most of Its Hype - New York TimesReferenced Tue Jun 26 2007 17:45:18
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                          iPhone Service Plans

                          Apple and AT&T have released details of the iPhone service plan. Most interesting part: the phone is activated using iTunes. Looks like you'll just buy the box and take it home to activate it rather than doing it at the store. They say that customers with existing AT&T contracts will have the option of keeping their current number and upgrading the account to work with the iPhone, but I'll bet that's not true of business accounts. We'll see.
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                          Hard Choices

                          I'm trying to figure out: Where's the best place near my house to get an iPhone? Which of my kids should I make stand in line all day for me? Sometimes being a Dad is tough work. If anyone has good intel on iPhone sources in Utah County, let me know. Update: Near as I can tell, the AT&T store in American Fork will have them. Still checking.
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                          iPhone Tour

                          I'm watching the 20 minute guided tour of iPhone that Apple posted today. While Amanda might be cheating the word "amazing" it's an excellent word to describe the phone this video shows off. Coupling a large multitouch screen with Apple's legendary design skills clearly makes for a much better phone than anything I've used. Of course, touch is believing in this case and that's still a week away. Still, I can't see how businesses will be able to keep them out of the hands of employees. If you don't want one of these phones after watching the video, I
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                          Harnessing Decentralized Resources in Disasters

                          By now we know that the gunman responsible for yesterday's carnage at Virginia Tech was a South Korean student. A video-game crazed South Korean student, if you believe the other Dr. Phil. It's not too early to think about what we could do differently in the future, however. Yesterday, I received an email from David Stephenson, who's blog is still broken with some of his ideas of the role Web 2.0 technologies could play. I'm sure he won't mind me giving them broader exposure here and commenting. David said: There's NO PLACE in our society that should have been
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                          White-box Cell Phones

                          I posted a write-up of the discussion on white-box cell phones from the Mobile Identity Workshop at Between the Lines.
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                          Open Podcast Device Ideas

                          Dave posted a list of ideas from this morning's discussion of open podcast devices.
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                          Mobile Identity Workshop 2007

                          Doc Searls is hosting the first Mobile Identity Workshop at cNet headquarters in San Francisco today. I flew out last night. Doc's now a fellow at Harvard's Berkman center and this is one of the topics he's put on his list of things to explore. There's about 100 people here, so it's promising to be a great day. The usual identity gang is here, but there's quite a few new faces as well given the emphasis on mobile. Doc started off the day with a list of statistics, noting that there are 800 million cars in the world, 1.2
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                          Distributing the Surveillance Society

                          New York will allow 911 Dispatchers to receive and use images from cell phones. At one point, the surveillance society seemed like it would happen with lots of cameras mounted on lightpoles, but this points to a more distributed method. Make it easy to tattle on your neighbors with cell phones and people will do it.
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                          iPhone Is an OSX Computer

                          I'm reading Jason O'Grady's live blogging of the Jobs keynote. Jobs just introduced the iPhone saying "Today, we're introducing three revolutionary products 1. widescreen iPod with touch controls 2. revoutionary mobile phone 3. breakthrough internet communication device" But it's not three products, it's one: the iPhone. It runs OS X and has a multi-touch, 160dpi wide-screen--no stylus. Jason said he was considering leaving the keynote to go buy one. Connectivity is both EDGE and Wi-Fi; it switches between them seamlessly. It features a full Safari browser and real email. Where do I get one? Update: You can't get one...until
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                          Location and Identity: A Powerful Team

                          Something Phil Becker said in his annual state of digital identity talk at DIDW this morning made me think about location and some of the things that go along with identity and mobile devices. I wrote those up and posted them at Between the Lines.
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                          More on Mobile

                          I received lots of comments on my question about what mobile device to buy. I think the conclusion I draw from them is that there's no mobile device that does it all. I'd love to mix and match features and functionality from 3 or 4 devices. Various folks wrote to tell me that they've given up on using these devices as modems for their laptops and just got an EVDO card. Bernard Goldbach wrote a blog post about his thoughts on this issue. There's a bounty of over $500 for anyone who comes up with a solution for tethering
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                          Your Cell Phone Is Watching You

                          One of my favorite programs from last week was Nathan Eagle's Where 2.0 presentation on using cell phones to predict user behavior. Using only publicly available data, Eagle was able to deduce relationships between pairs and groups of individuals. There are privacy concerns to be sure. Your cell provider already has much of this data. Every time two cell providers merge, what little protection we get from disparate carriers is broken down. What interested me most though it not the privacy concerns, but the potential to infer and enhance social interactions using the wearable computers each of us carries
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                          Grabbing Cell Data

                          Nathan Eagle's presentation at the Where 2.0 conference has some very interesting information about how easy it is to deduce interesting facts by monitoring cell phone location and proximity. Todd Biske has taken that and turned it into a call for better logging in SOA applications for the purpose of improving usability. This point to the need to carefully construct security policies around XML documents that are passed from place to place so that this kind of monitoring can occur without compromising sensitive data.
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