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                          Moviecle: Download Movies to Your USB Thumbdrive

                          I was in Boston's Logan airport this afternoon getting ready to fly home when I say this kiosk called a "Moviecle." The short description is it's a kiosk where you download movies to a USB thumbdrive. They have a collection of free content--travel guides--for now and hope to sell movies in the future. The London travel guides I downloaded were from TravelOn, in WMV format, and had no DRM. I don't know whether that will be the case for movies or not. Somehow I suspect not. The touch screen interface was easy to use. If I were buying, I'd
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                          A Cautionary Tale for Old School Media Companies

                          Jeff Jarvis notes that TV Guide recently sold for $1 (not per copy--for the whole thing) and says: "Beware media and news companies that try to preserve their past: This could be you." This echos Clayton Christensen's Innovator's Dilemma. Very few companies can successfully ignore or even kill the old business to build the new one. Reading further into this story, the online piece wasn't included in the sale--Macrovision retained that part. They apparently did kill the magazine to save the future: online.
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                          Plaxo and Comcast

                          I'm still trying to make sense of the news that Comcast is buying Plaxo (reported value of the deal between $100 and $200 M). I can't tell you how happy I am for Plaxo and especially Joseph Smarr who I have great respect for (see our Technometria interview with Joseph Smarr here). Still, the discontinuity between what Plaxo is and what Comcast does is jarring--at least on the surface. I believe there is a fundamental conflict o interest between a company that does both transmission of traffic and sells other Internet services. Yeah, I know they all do it,
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                          New Series on the Conversations Network

                          This last week, the Conversation Network (IT Conversation's parent) launched a new channel: Media Conversations. The new channel, like IT Conversations and Social Innovations Conversations, produces high quality audio shows from a variety of sources. A first for us: Media Conversations includes video for some shows. The video is of a series called "Future Talks." The first two shows are with Gerd Leonhard and Glen Hiemstra. I've listened to both and found the very interesting. In addition to the video, you can just get the audio tracks via RSS if you like. I'll be pulling in some shows from
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                          Using CCTVs to Make Movies

                          This is pretty cool: a group of kids made a movie using already installed CCTVs in a shopping mall in England. The teens are part of a group that regularly engages in "video sniffing," using electronic gear to sniff out the wireless signals that CCTV cameras use to communicate a picture. The Duellists by MediaShed ft MethodsAdd to My Profile | More Videos
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                          NBC's Troubles

                          NBC has announced that it will open its own download site for it's programs after a dispute with Apple over the price and DRM for its programs on ITMS. There are a lot of people who think NBC is mad to take their shows off of ITMS and maybe they are, but I think NBC and others are bound to explore their options in this brave new world. We call NBC, CBS, ABC, and others "networks" because in the old days they had to worry about distribution because of the limits of technology (VHF television has a 50 mile
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                          My Media Consumption Diet

                          Ian Forrester tagged me on a meme to share my media consumption diet. So here's my diet: Web: I'm on the Web all the time. Even more now that I've got an iPhone. I typically have a dozen tabs open on my browser from various things I'm looking at on any given day. I used to have over 100 feeds on my news reader (NetNewsWire or Google Reader depending on my mood), but I've whittled that down to around 40 by getting rid of things I hardly ever read in detail. I used to use Firefox exclusively, but swung
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                          Feedback for the News (and Podcasts)

                          Over at Scripting News, Dave is positing a system for giving feedback to the media about what stories you want to see and which you don't. This in an effort to get more personalization in the news stories we see. I've had similar thoughts about podcasting (as has Dave and others). At IT Conversations, there is a feedback mechanism. Relatively speaking, no one uses it. Part of the problem is that when you're listening to podcasts you're probably not at your computer. Part of the problem is that people don't understand the benefit. We have a recommendations engine that
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                          Lonn Johnston on High Tech PR

                          I just posted the latest Technometria podcast on IT Conversations. Scott, Matt, and I spoke with Lonn Johnston about PR for high-tech firms--especially those involved with open source. I enjoyed the conversation very much and hope you do too.
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                          John Wait on Technometria

                          I just published an interview with John Wait on the Technometria podcast. John's got a long tenure in the publishing business and spends most of his time looking at how new digital tools affect the more traditional business of publishing books. We had a very enjoyable chat. I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to it.
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                          Viacom, Joost, and YouTube

                          Today, Viacom stuck it to YouTube and Google by cutting a deal with Joost to host Viacom videos. So far no Comedy Central. Here's the question that this raises: what happens to cable companies when content owners like Viacom are making deals with Internet companies for distribution? Now would be a great time to short cable stocks.
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                          Adding Value By Taking Away Choice

                          Thomas Beck did a great job of expanding on and adding value to the discussion Matt, Scott and I had with Bryce Roberts on the Technology and Venture Capital podcast from a few weeks ago. His value map is a useful tool for finding value in various delivery chains. I think his equation can be refined however--at least for media plays. He says that value = sevices + device I think the model Spencer Wang presents in The Long Tail: Why Aggregation & Context and Not (Necessarily) Content are King in Entertainment is a good one and it has
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                          CTO Breakfast Report

                          We had the monthly CTO Breakfast this morning--perhaps for the last time in it's usually place. There was a good group present and some fun discussion. Bruce Fryer's brought up an ironic encounter with a word-of-mouth marketing company. The person who runs the marketing for a prominent WOM company somehow didn't get Linked-In and who social networks work. Funny. We got into a discussion of new media. I brought up the Bear Sterns report I blogged about the other day and it's breakdown of the media pipeline. There's a great opportunity in the "content packaging" space--although I wonder if
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                          CIO Blogging

                          Last week, Michael Fitzgerald published a column in CIO Magazine giving CIOs advice on blogging. We had talked a long time ago--I'd forgotten--and he mentions my blog and experience getting started when I was Utah's CIO. He makes some great points that someone new to blogging, especially someone steeped in the usual rules of business communication, needs to know. Write in first person Refer to other Websites by linking to them Use links as a form of shorthand to avoid stopping to explain things that can be found in the link Blogs are just a tool for communication--don't overthink
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                          TiVo's Got Podcasts

                          This weekend, I noticed that my TiVo could play podcasts. I don't know how long that feature's been there, months probably, but I just found it. Unfortunately IT Conversations isn't on their pre-populated list, but there were some that I was interested in. For example I listened to the latest TWiT this morning while I was getting ready. Here's a few thoughts and observations: This is a no-brainer for TiVo. Lot's of free content that they can put on their box for little effort and garner a "new" feature. You can add podcasts not on TiVo's list, but you
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                          It's Not 500 Channels Stupid

                          I remember reading an article in 1996 about "what is the Internet and what does it mean to me?" in one of those airline magazines that are always sitting in the seat pocket when you get on a plane. The bottom line of the article was that the Internet would bring 500 TV channels into every home. I remember thinking that this poor author just didn't get it. The Internet would bring millions of channels into our homes. I used to try to characterize this as a everyone as a media creator, but that didn't really capture it. Now
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                          Social Playground or Media Sandbox?

                          Thomas Barnett, who I interviewed on my Technometria podcast a while back, has an interesting perspective on how technology influences geopolitics. In a recent post, he claims that online trends will ensure that ten years from now, the Web "will be more the New Core social playland than the Old Core media sandbox (not that Disney-ABC aren't trying)."
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