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                          Building Docker on Centos

                          Here's some instructions on installing the latest version of docker on Centos so I don't forget.
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                          Kynetx Endpoints and Linux

                          Over the weekend, Travis Hartwell tweeted "I would try out Kynetx, but it appears the required plug-in Azigo is not available for Linux." Alas, It's true that Azigo doesn't support Linux. Still, there are some ways to use Linux to develop and deploy Kynetx apps. In fact, I do all my development on Linux. We call the way that a Kynetx app is deployed an "endpoint." The endpoint is responsible for initiating the call to KNS and mediating the interaction with the client. The details of the execution model are available online. There are several ways that Kynetx apps
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                          The State of FOSS in Utah

                          Clint Savage was the speaker at tonight's PLUG meeting. Clint is the founder of the Utah Open Source Foundation. UTOSF was the power behind the recent Utah Open Source Conference. Clint ran down a long list of activities that UTOSF is sponsoring to promote open source in Utah. Some of the most promising, IMO, were promoting open source at local colleges and universities and open source family day. BYU's UUG sponsors Linux install fests, but I'm generally disappointed by the lack of interest in open source among CS students. They mentioned the Home Runs in IT Conference that will
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                          November PLUG on the State of FOSS in Utah

                          The Provo Linux User's Group meeting for November will be on the 14th at 7:30pm. Omniture is hosting, so head on over to Canyon Park Technology Center. I'm going to try to make it. Here's the announcement: This is an exciting month for PLUG. We have a new meeting location: Omniture. Never before has the local FOSS community been stronger. The reach of groups like PLUG is growing beyond just a few computer hobbyists. Linux is now becoming the premiere solution for countless business tasks, rather than just an alternative one. If there was any doubt, it was dispelled
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                          VMWare Fusion Clock Synchronization

                          When you install Linux in Fusion, make sure you install the tools. But just installing them isn't enough. Clock synchronization is turned off by default, so you need to start up the tools interface: sudo /usr/bin/vmware-toolbox Then click the box for synchronizing the guest time with the host. If you don't, the guest will lose time.
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                          Installing Rails on Fedora

                          I'm building a virtual machine (VMWare flavor) for use with Rails development. After installing Fedora, there were a few things I had to do to get everything ready. I thought I'd take a minute and document them in one play for the next poor soul. First, I don't know what I do wrong, but the GUI auto-update feature seems more trouble than it's worth. I like doing it manually. So the first thing to do is: sudo /usr/bin/yum -y update I've found that the Yum system can get corrupted and hang (I think I do this by force quitting
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                          P2V: How To Make a Physical Linux Box Into a Virtual Machine

                          Over the last four days, I've been exploring how to convert physical Linux boxes into virtual machines. VMWare has a tool for doing P2V conversions, as they're called, but as far as I can tell it only works for Windows physical machines and for converting various flavors of virtual machines into others. I've had a Linux machine that I've used in my CS462 (Large Distributed Systems) class for years. The Linux distro has been updated over the years, but the box is an old 266MHz Pentium with 512Mb of RAM. Overall, it's done surprisingly well--a testament to the small
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                          This picotux server is pretty cool. It's no bigger than an RJ45 jack. With power over Ethernet, you could deploy these anywhere you can run Cat 5 cable. I'm not sure why I love things like this, but I do.
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                          Yum Hangs

                          I have an instance of Fedora Core 6 in VMWare that would hang every time I ran yum, the auto-updater. The only way to kill it at that point was with a SIGKILL. Yesterday I got to the point where I really wanted it to work, so I dug around a little and found a solution. The bottom line is that it's waiting for a lock to clear that never will. Doing this (after killing yum): rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db.* solves the problem. Apparently this has been a problem since Redhat 9. I can't remember quite how I debugged these
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                          Cleaning Up Unwanted Files in Linux

                          One of my grad students just went to remove some unwanted, automatically created files in his directory and accidentally deleted some things he wanted. I use a script to do clean ups to prevent these kinds of silly errors (which we're all prone to). Here's the script: #!/bin/bash if [ ! -e $HOME/.rmd ] then mkdir $HOME/.rmd fi find $HOME \\( -name '.rmd' -prune \\) -o \\ \\( -name '*~' \\ -o -name ',*' \\ -o -name '#*#' \\ -o -name '*.bak'\\ -o -name '*.backup' -atime +5\\ -o -name 'core'\\ \\) \\ -print -exec mv -f {} $HOME/.rmd \\;
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                          Novell Demos InfoCard Selector for OS X and Linux

                          I just put a story up at Between the Lines about the InfoCard selector that Novell demo'd today at Brainshare. Very cool stuff.
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                          Should Dell Pre-Load Linux?

                          On a page with the words "Dell recommends Windows Vista Business" emblazened at the top, Dell is running a survey on factory installed Linux for desktops and laptops. Let them know what you think.
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                          Mounting OSX Directories in Parallels

                          I found this nifty trick for mounting OS X directories from Linux. This is handy when you're using Parallels on your machine and want to easily pass information back and forth. Parallels comes with a utility for doing this from Windows, but not Linux. The idea is to use sshfs, the SSH filesystem. I installed it easily on Ubuntu using apt-get (on Fedora, you'd use Yum) and then mounting a disk on my OS X file system is as simple as sshfs pjw@ "OSX Documents" "OSX Documents" is an empty directory on the Linux machine that serves as the
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                          Linux Laptop

                          What's the best laptop for running Linux? I want the Wi-Fi to work, the thing to sleep reliably, and so on. In the past I've favored Thinkpads, but would willingly shift to something else if it had better behavior with Linux.
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                          Cardinal: Ruby on Parrot

                          At the next Provo Linux User's Group meeting on the 8th of November, Kevin Tew will be presenting Cardinal, a Ruby implementation on Parrot that he's working on.
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                          Remembering Ray Noorda

                          Ray Noorda had a great affect on high-tech in Utah. He took a small, ailing networking company and transformed it into a 12,000 person powerhouse. While he died this week, his struggle with Alzheimer's meant that he's been absent for some time. I never knew him, never even shook his hand, but I've known dozens of people who did. Here are a few remembrances I liked: Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols remembers Linux's debt to Noorda Craig Burton calls Noorda an enigma Rocky Mountain Voices records comments from Darl McBride, Ron Heinz, Drew Major, and Ty Mattingly
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                          Using Parallels to Simplify System Admin Tasks

                          One of the things I was most excited about with my MacBook Pro was the ability to run Parallels. People ask "if you like OS X so much why are you excited to be able to run other OSs?" Here's one reason. In my distributed applications class, I have my students set up and manage their own Linux server. For some of them it's the first time they've been root. They have to install jBoss, Axis, and other fun things before they can complete the assignments. As a consequence, I end up working on a Linux machine quite a
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                          Changing Linux Screen Resolution In Parallels

                          I've had parallels running now for some time on my MacBook Pro and it's really nice to be able to fire up Windows or Linux when needed. I have a feeling this is going to come in real handy this fall when I'm teaching CS462 and have 40 students using Linux to do their assignment. I can keep a fresh image that's identical to the one their using and just fire it up when I need to try something out. One thing that's bothered me, however, is that Fedora didn't want to create screens bigger and 800x600. I knew
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                          Wanted: Linux Developer

                          Ken Knapton at Content Watch is looking for a developer with Linux roots. Here's a list of the skills required: In-depth understanding of Linux operating system and development practices Demonstrable experience developing Java and/or C++ applications 3-5 years of work experience in Software Development Server-side development experience preferred Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or related field Knowledge of Java/C++ and object-oriented design and development The job's located in Utah. If you're interested, contact Ken directly.
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