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                          Parallels Has a Command Line Tool Too!

                          When I wrote the head to head review of Parallels and Fusion for InfoWorld, I also did a sidebar on remote control of hypervisors and guests. At the time I wasn't aware that Parallels also has a command line tool called prlctl for managing the hypervisor and controlling guests. A simple "man prlctl" told me all I needed to know and a minute later, I was starting, stopping, and suspending guests from the terminal. The screenshot to the right (click to enlarge) shows it in the process of suspending a Vista operating system guest on my machine. In addition
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                          Fusion vs. Parallels: The Horse Race Continues

                          My second review of Fusion and Parallels appeared today in InfoWorld. I reviewed Fusion 1.0 and Parallels 3.0 a little over a year ago. They've both had major upgrades since then, so it was time for another look. The bottom line is that there's not a lot of difference between these two products. They both perform well and do what you'd expect them to. They both have lots of cool features--especially for Windows users on the Mac--the core audience. The differences are minor. While some of those differences might be the reason that you'd prefer one over the other,
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                          WARP your WAN for Performance and Reliability

                          My review of Fatpipe WARP has appeared in InfoWorld. I've had a Comcast cable Internet connection for years. Last year I got a shiny new fiber connection from Mstar. But rather than uninstall the cable connection, I asked FatPipe Networks if they'd be willing to let me perform an extended test of the company's flagship route clustering product, WARP. WARP is a 4U, rack-mountable network appliance that allows up to three WAN connections to be aggregated without the need for complicated BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routing configurations. The unit provides traffic load balancing over these connections, allowing both inbound
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                          Placing the User at the Center of Identity

                          Coincidentally, a feature I did for InfoWorld on user-centric identity appeared today. Here's what I contributed: Federating identity for the WebUser-centric innovations CardSpace and OpenID may finally bring the promise of federation within reach Understanding OpenID and CardSpaceOpenID and CardSpace are at the forefront of user-centric identity. Here's how they work Podcast: An identity layer for the WebMicrosoft's Kim Cameron speaks to the advantages of placing the user at the center of enterprise identity systems Podcast: User-centric identity in the enterpriseBurton Group's Mike Neuenschwander discusses the state of federated identity, delving deep into the business proposition user-centric identity presents
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                          The New Federated Identity

                          I've been asked to put together a feature for InfoWorld on user-centric identity. The feature will include written text, a couple of podcasts, and some flash animations. I'm a little excited about the opportunity to use these different media to communicate the idea of this important topic to business. The podcasts will be 15-20 minutes each on the following topics: Podcast on user control and laws of identity Podcast on state of identity in enterprise I've already got these scheduled with guests, so please don't ask to be on the podcast. The initial outline for the written part is:
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                          What Should I Buy? Parallels or Fusion?

                          InfoWorld asked me to do a head-to-head review of Parallels and Fusion. That review appeared today. As a frequent user of both virtualization packages, I really enjoyed this review since it gave me an excuse to dig deep on some things and to talk to the product managers for both. One thing is clear: there's some stiff competition between Parallels and VMWare and the users are the winners. These are both great products that perform well. VMWare has a performance advantage--especially when you need multi-core performance. Parallels, I think, has a slight advantage in usability and a pretty big
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                          SOA Governance Tutorial

                          I'm going to be doing a day-long tutorial on SOA governance at the InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum in New York on November 8th. If you register before October 7th, it's $695. After that it's $795 until November 5th. Then the price goes up to $895. Here's the details: Counterintuitive as it may seem, SOA requires more organizational discipline than previous development models. Your intuition might tell you that flexibility results from less rules, not more, but that's not the case. Standardization provides the underpinnings for SOA across an organization. To prevent IT from being overwhelmed by this new complexity,
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                          NextPage Document Retention Review

                          My review of NextPage Document Retention came out a while ago in InfoWorld. "Compliance" is a word that can make a CIO cringe, especially when it comes to document retention and--just as important--destruction. Traditional document management products require that knowledge workers use a centralized system to track documents associated with a project. For some organizations, this is just enough of a disruption to established workflows that the systems frequently aren't used at all. The very applications we use to create, edit, and share documents often compound the management problem by hiding multiple copies all over the computer. NextPage 2
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                          Cloning Machines and Race Conditions

                          While I've been playing with VMWare Fusion, I've simultaneously been doing some testing of NextPage's Document Retention product for an InfoWorld review. I needed two machines, so naturally, I used virtual machines (in Parallels, as it turns out). Being lazy, I did as much set up on one machine as I could before I cloned it. I recognized that I needed different identities on these machines for my test, so I got two different activations from NextPage, but if I hadn't, would the software have worked, seemed like it worked, or failed completely? I'm not talking about "work" in
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                          InfoWorld Ends Print Publication

                          As was rumored last week, InfoWorld announced today that it would end the print side of its business. Its sad for those involved and apparently, many didn't know until it came out in rumors. On one hand I'm surprised, as you always are, an on another I'm not. Let me note that I'm a contributing editor at InfoWorld, which means that I write for them, but I have no inside knowledge Heaven knows I wasn't consulted on this. Even so, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see a business where more and more of the revenue comes from
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                          NextPage Document Retention Preview

                          My preview of NextPage Document Retention product is out on the Test Center Daily blog. Here's my verdict: NextPage 2 Document Retention provides a method for versioning, tracking, cleaning up, and archiving corporate documents that users will actually use. Watch for a full review a little later.
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                          Governance As Collaboration: Managing Layers 8 and 9

                          I'm doing a feature for InfoWorld on SOA governance and collaboration. The genesis was a short piece I did for InfoWorld on emerging collaboration options. Somehow Eric Knorr and I got talking about how SOA was a formalization of how collaboration can happen in building distributed applications and that governance was a key part of all that. Governance is a term that has been much hyped in the last year, but that's because it's so important. Like most things, the technology of SOA isn't the hard part--its what Rohit Khare calls level 8 and 9 in the OSI seven-layer
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                          Testing as an SOA Management Strategy

                          "Testing isn't an event" says John Michelsen, the Chief Architect and a co-founder of iTKO, Inc. I was the moderator on an InfoWorld Webcast this afternoon where John presented. SOA brings new challenges to testing. Testing individual services is similar to code-level testing in any other development effort, but testing integration points, especially when there are dozens of hundreds of them is more difficult. One issue is that business analysts and QA folks need to be involved in the testing process. To make that more difficult, SOA testing is something that needs to happen continuously. If the business side,
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                          SOA Testing Webcast

                          I'm moderating a webcast for InfoWorld on Wed. The topic is testing in an SOA environment. iTKO is the sponsor and, hence, the presenter. I'm looking forward to it--SOA testing isn't a topic that get's much play, but's its important. The Webcast is free, so if you've got time in Wed (Jun 14) at 11AMPST, tune in. An interesting sidenote: while we were doing the dress rehersal, I dsicovered that the ON24 control console doesn't support anything but IE. Argh! (This isn't true, of the audience app--it works fine cross platform.) But I just updated to my new MacBook
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                          SOA Forum Wrap-up

                          Halley Suitt(click to enlarge) My laptop was giving me grief yesterday (I think it's a memory problem) so I didn't get to everything I was planning on writing up. For example, I went to Halley Suitt's talk at Syndicate in the afternoon. Halley is one of the early bloggers and a great writer. She writes Halley's Comment and is the CEO of Top Ten Sources. She's also a sometime contributor at IT Conversations, doing a show called Memory Lane (I'd like her to do more shows--hint, hint). The panel on SOA Governance went very well and we had some great
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                          Getting Started with SOA

                          I'm at the InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum today. I'm moderating a panel on SOA governance and speaking on digital identity. The conference is completely sold out. I was part of a team that wrote a feature for InfoWorld last week on the SOA lifecycle. I've watched (and helped) InfoWorld move into this space over the last few years and I think they've done more than just report on what's happening: they're part of the conversation and clarifying concepts in helpful ways. Bruce Graham, BEA(click to enlarge) Tony Bishop gave the opening keynote. He's the SVP for Corporate Investment Banking
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                          SOA Governance Panel Reprise

                          We'll be doing a reprise of the SOA governance panel at the SOA Executive Forum on May 16th in New York. The panelists will be: Ed Vazquez of Sprint-Nextel. Ed's the Group Manager of the Web Service Integrations & SOA. Jeff Schneider of MomentumSI Johannes Viegener of Software AG. Johannes is Vice President of the R&D Crossvision Suite Michael Hill of HP. Mike is the Global Director for Enterprise Architecture & Governance This should be a great panel. Ed and Jeff were on the panel in March and did a bang up job. I've heard good things about both
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                          Navigating with Tags

                          Jon Udell has pointed to a new set of services that InfoWorld is using to help people navigate the information on their Web site. They're beta right now, but Jon expects they'll go live on the main InfoWorld site sometime in the future. The place to start is with iws and search for something you're interested in. Once you've got results, clicking on any of the tags will limit the search results to just those with those particular tags. This uses the second tool, iwx. This is a very fast way to narrow in on the relevant articles for
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                          Bret Dixon on SOA

                          in his keynote presentaiton, Bret Dixon of BEA made an interesting comparison. One viewpoint is that of the single technology stack that has these characteristics: invest to reach homogeneity get everything you need from one vendor replace what you have periodic releases will give you enhancements The other view point is a single service nertwork that has these characteristics: heterogenous products make up a network commitment to open standards uses different products to get needed functionality incremental increase in capacity and functionality SOA means that the software the links applications become more important and are among the most improtant
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                          Jeff Gleason on Achieving Reusability with SOA

                          I'm at InfoWorld's SOA Executive Forum this morning in San Francisco. I'll be conducting a panel on SOA governance later this afternoon. There's a sellout crowd. InfoWorld really knows how to put these things together. I also know from working with Eric Knorr, Steve Fox, and other editors at InfoWorld that they try really hard to make sense of this, create good ways to explain it, and develop sound advice. The opening keynote is by Jeff Gleason, Director IT Strategies, Transamerica Life Insurance Company. He's speaking, from experience, on achieving reusability using SOA. Transamerica provides life insurance, pensions, and
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                          SOA Governance Panel

                          I'll be moderating a panel on SOA governance at InfoWorld's SOA Executive Forum March 16 in San Francisco. This will be a follow-on to the feature I did on SOA governance that ran in January. The panelists will be: Todd Biske of AG Edwards. Todd blogs actively about SOA. He had a recent piece about governance with an analogy to voting that I enjoyed. Ed Vazquez of Sprint-Nextel. Ed's the Group Manager of the Web Service Integrations & SOA. David Harrington of MedicAlert? Foundation. David's the CTO at MedicAlert. Mystery Panelist. We're still waiting for confirmation on this guest.
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                          SOA Governance Feature

                          The SOA Governance feature I did for InfoWorld is up today. There are four parts: Governing SOA - Rules, standards, and policies are the difference between playing with SOAP and real SOA. A degree of tolerance for SOA -- There's a danger in going too far. Exclusive: Infravio brings structure to unwieldy SOA -- A review of X-Registry 5, one of a handful of tools that form and infrastructure for governance. Understanding UDDI -- A quick reference to UDDI-compatible registries. This was a fun series to do and I learned a lot writing it. Steve Fox wrote an intro
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                          SOA Governance Article

                          I'm working on an article on SOA governance for InfoWorld. If you have ideas, I'd love to hear them. What I'm not looking for is emails that say things like the one I got yesterday. The PR person claimed her client has been "delivering SOA governance" to customers, like you can buy governance by the gross. I've been collecting some articles I run across at this del.icio.us tag. I'm particularly interested in hearing about what people doing large SOA deployments are doing about governance.
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