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                          IIW2006 Lost and Found

                          After IIW2006B was over last week, we found a few things. Kaliya has them, so if they're yours contact Kaliya to get them back. Here's pictures (click picture to enlarge): Phone charger Glass case IBM power adapter Macbook (65W) mag power adapter
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                          Bohemian Rhapsody in the key of ID

                          On Tuesday evening, we were treated to the debut performance of Bohemian Rhapsody in the key of ID (lyrics by Eve Maler, Laurie Rae, Peter Tapling, Derek Fluker, Bill Johnson, and Wes Kussmaul). Conor Cahill shot a video:
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                          Computational Reputation

                          I did a session on online reputation (or "computational reputation" as I've taken to calling it to distinguish it from reputation work in other fields). I didn't have time to take notes, but if I find others who have, I'll post an update here. In the meantime, here's the picture of the whiteboard I took and a link to my paper on reputation.
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                          Salim Ismail(click to enlarge) I went to a session on the future of i-names this morning. Drummond Reed started off talking about what they are now. DNS names abstract IP numbers. URLs, based on DNS, typically point to specific locations. XRI provides an abstraction layer on top of the URL. i-names and i-numbers are synonyms. i-names provide a semantic identifier and i-numbers are a persistent identifier. i-numbers are never reassigned, but i-names might be. Having a non-assignable identifier ensures that I can't lose my identity (and the rights that go with it). Any synonym in the XRI namespace resolves to
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                          The State of User Centric Identity

                          Johannes Ernst has a good summary of the current user-centric identity landscape in his updated triangle diagram.
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                          Beyond Passwords

                          Hacking CardSpace in the Hi-Fi Lounge (click to enlarge) In the session on authentication without passwords (beyond passwords) put, Lisa Dusseault made the assertions (with some help from the room): Existing browsers do not succeed in verifying site identity to users HTML forms for login considered harmful. Browser-based third-party identity systems habituate user to redirect to enter their password (task fixation). When you catch someone in the middle of doing something, they will plow through all kinds of barriers to "get the job done." Current password redirection schemes (most of them) redirect users to authenticate. Any password-based system is vulnerable
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                          Speed Geeking

                          Chuck Mortimore demos XMLDAP(click to enlarge) Speed geeking turned out great. I saw some things that really interested me and I got it in a quick hit. The following projects or demos were done: Earthgrid.org - Video worth paying for xmldap - Chuck Mortimore gave a demo that showed using en OpenID as a CardSpace card to log into Kim Cameron's blog. Safari Inforcard Selector - This is a plug-in for Safari that implements an CardSpace card selector from Ian Brown. AOL WebAIM Service nice demo showing how to get AIM data using a Web API. I would like to
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                          Vendor Relationship Matters

                          I went to Doc's discussion of VRM (vendor relationship management). We had a great discussion around a number of scenarios. There's Doc's (by now) famous rental car discussion. Dave Winer brought up Yahoo! Movies and Netflix and sharing data back and forth between them. This kind of session easily turns into a discussion of how messed up most companies are. Doc summed it up thusly: "Living in a silo is self-destructive." Doc said there were three pieces: transactions, intentions, and preferences. Avery Lyford boiled these down to three points: What you've done What you want What you like Intentions
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                          Lightbulb: Bringing SAML to PHP

                          Pat Patterson spoke on using SAML in a "Web 2.0 World." SAML provides a good mechanism for transporting identity attributes. But to use SAML on the wild Web, you've got to support dynamic languages like PHP. Pat has a mechanism for using SAML from PHP. One way to do this is using a PHP/Java bridge that talks to an existing federation manager. This is overkill if you've got one little site you want to use federation on. Pat has a project, called Lightbulb, that puts SAML directly into PHP. No custom PHP modules required. Future parts of Lightbulb may
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                          Trusting OpenID

                          We started off the morning, as is our tradition by building the schedule for the conference. Lots of good sessions proposed and many I will have to choose between. I love seeing these things come together. I started off the morning at David Recordon and Josh Hoyt's talk on OpenID authentication in the new OpenID 2.0 spec. During a discussion of how OpenID 1.1 works, a good discussion of phishing broke out. Someone asked what's to keep a relying party from purposely misdirecting a user to a site that's spoofing the user's IdP and stealing the user's credentials. David
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                          Introducing User-Centric Identity

                          Doc Searls(click to enlarge) The Internet Identity Workshop (2006B) has begun. I flew in this morning and spent the time before the conference started shopping for things we need for snacks, etc. Today is not an unconference event--that starts tomorrow. Today we have a more structured program intended to get people new to the space up to speed--but people who've been in the identity space for years come anyway. Kaliya and Mike Ozburn started off the day with some discussion of the identity space map. Dick Hardt spoke on the identity lexicon and the laws of identity. Next up was
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                          IIW2006B Is Next Week

                          We're getting ready for another excellent IIW next week. There are good people coming and the numbers are working out just right (we've got about 100 people signed up as of today). It's still not too late to sign up. Here's some things that are happening. We're going to do speed geeking right after lunch on Tuesday. If you've got something to demo, plan on a five minute presentation with rotating groups. There's a place to put your name on the wiki, but you can tell us you want to present as late as Monday. If you are in
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                          Computer History Museum

                          My post yesterday about Ralph Griswold's death sparked a comment by Chris Loosely about the Computer History Museum's founders series. David Berlind has a post, with video, from that event. Incidently, we're holding IIW2006B at the Computer History Museum in Dec. We had IIW2006A there in May and it was an excellent venue.
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                          Announcing IIW2006B

                          The announcement for IIW2006B has been up for a while, but we really haven't drawn much attention to it. Please put Dec 4-6 on your calendar if you're planning on coming. The format and organization will be about the same as May's IIW: half a day of more tutorial material on Monday followed by two full days of open space/unconference on the 5th and 6th. You can register using the IIW registration page. The costs are the same as last time, $75 for students, $150 for unaffiliated and independents, and $250 for corporate folks. If you're company's going to
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                          Register for the DIDW IOS

                          If you're planning on attending the Identity Open Space on Sept 11 in Santa Clara, please take a minute and register. We need a good head count before we order lunch. We're perfectly happy to have you sign up late or even just show up on th 11th, but you'll be on your own for lunch. We've only scheduled 30 minutes for lunch, so that will be pretty tight. If you're in the Bay Area and are planning to attend, you can help us keep costs low by bringing a projector. I've added a place at the bottom of
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                          Identity Open Space and DIDW Event: Register Now!

                          We're doing an identity open space on Monday Sept. 11, 2006 in Santa Clara in conjunction with Digital ID World. DIDW starts Monday afternoon and we're going to do 3/4's of a day of open space beforehand to talk about user-centric identity. The format will be largely the same as the Internet Identity Workshops that we've been having--just shorter. If you're coming to DIDW or just in the Bay Area, we'd love to see you there. You can expect good discussion and meetings with people at the fore-front of this emerging area. If you're coming to DIDW and have
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                          Identity Open Space in Vancouver

                          There's an Identity Open Space happening in Vancouver BC July 20-21. This is bring jointly produced by Liberty Alliance and Kaliya Hamlin, Doc Searls, and I (the IIW folks). The goal is to create another highly interactive event and move the conversations forward. We're hoping that by having it close to the Liberty meeting we'll involve some people who haven't been part of the conversation before. Liberty Alliance has open their meeting, which is happening right before the IOS event, to non-members. If you're curious about Liberty and user-centric identity or just want to spend some great time in
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                          DIDW and IIW: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

                          The Digital ID World conference will be held September 11-13 this year in Santa Clara. We're going to have a 3/4-day IIW event on the 11th before the keynotes begin in the late afternoon. We're hoping to attract some of the usual IIW crowd to DIDW and some of the DIDW crowd to IIW. I'd like to see more cross over there. Attendees at the IIW event will qualify for a discount registration at DIDW. We'll have details forthcoming soon. Watch this space!
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                          Reputation Podcast

                          Tom Maddox had his podcasting gear at IIW2006 and was interviewing people both days. He was just sitting in the main hall, so there's quite a bit of background noise, but they material is pretty good. So far, he's published the following: Christine Herron Phil Windley Dick Hardt The Intention Economy Doc Searls
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                          IIW Identity Space Map

                          Kaliya created a wall hanging from butcher paper and lots of little colored construction paper icons to hang on it. This was hanging on the wall the entire workshop and people were free to add to it. The "map" was designed to represent the evolution of Internet or user-centric identity over the last 2 years or so and look into the future about a year. Kaliya had already pre-populated it and I took a picture to represent the intial state. The above picture is the final state, at the end of the conference and reflects everyone's additions. Steve carter
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                          IIW2006 Wrap

                          After a day of decompressing from Internet Identity Workshop, I've had a few random thoughts that I thought I'd record. I was very pleased with how things turned out, that participation, the venue, the food, everything. Here are some specific things: First, Kaliya (aka Identity Woman) did an amazing job of putting the program together. She does this professionally, so if you're running a workshop that you'd like to do in a "unconference" format--she's someone you have to hire to do it for you. You won't be sorry. The Computer History Museum was a great venue for this sort
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                          IIW2006 Kudos for Unconferences

                          Kim Cameron has some very nice words for IIW2006 and the unconference format on his blog: Everyone in attendance was awe-struck by the IIW 2006 that just took place in Mountainview. It was incredible. With Doc Searls and Phil Windely navigating at the macro-level, the amazing Identity Woman Kaliya orchestrated an ”unconference” that was one of the most effective events I’ve ever attended. It’s clear that creating synergy out of chaos is an art that these three have mastered, and participants floated in and out of sessions that self-organized around an ongoing three-day hallway conversation - the hallway actually
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                          IIW2006: Wednesday Sessions

                          Randy Farmer leads the skeptic session(click to enlarge) Kaliya started the day with a call for anyone else who wanted to create new sessions and then did a "spectrogram." She put a long piece of tape on the floor and asked questions where people arrayed themselves along the spectrum represented by the tape. She interviewed people at spots on the tape. A good way to get a feel for how the group is thinking about some things. I did my session on reputation and showed off the reputation system we built in my 601 class last semester. Generally well received
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                          IIW2006: Tuesday Afternoon Sessions

                          Doc, Dave Winer, and Don Park(click to enlarge) The afternoon started for me with a session that Dave Winer led on identity in OPML and RSS. There's a need to identify owners and authors in OPML and RSS without creating email addresses that can harvested by spammers. This is a good time to have this discussion because OPML 2.0 is being spec'd. The <head> section in the spec includes a <ownerId> that is defined thusly: [T]he http address of a web page that contains an HTML a form that allows a human reader to communicate with the author of the
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                          IIW2006: Tuesday Morning Sessions

                          Monday Dinner(click to enlarge) Last night's conference dinner was very well attended and very good. We started the morning in true unconference fashion by putting together the agenda. This happens by having anyone who wants to lead a session write it down on an 8.5x11 inch piece of paper and post it on a time grid on the wall. Everyone who posts something gets an opportunity to say something about their session. the agenda is fairly full and there are some good topics. Putting together the agenda(click to enlarge) Kaliya said that the guy who invented open space spent a
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                          IIW2006: SXIP, InfoCard, XRI, and Doc

                          The new "just right" room(click to enlarge) We moved upstairs to accommodate the crowd and ended up with a lot more elbow room. Dick Hardt was the first speaker after the break. he gave a new version of his famous Identity 2.0 talk. Dick mentions BCeID, a government identity service that forms a basis for digital identity in BC. I've long argued that governments have abdicated the responsibility for provide commerce supporting infrastructure online. (By "infrastructure" I mean legal frameworks more than hardware and software.) BCeID looks to be mostly about government online services, but Dick points out that he's
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                          IIW2006: Identity, Lexicon, and URLs

                          The identity map(click to enlarge) One of the nice things about an informal workshop is the freedom to rearrange things as necessary. Doc, who was opening, was running a little late, so we re-did some of the schedule. Eugene Kim was first up at IIW. Eugene's job was to introduce the ideas behind user-centric identity. He introduces the concepts of identity by introducing himself. User centric identity is about users controlling their own identity. Where does that lead us? Eugene Kim(click to enlarge) Eugene contrasts the idea of single sign on with portable identity. While many people use a single
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                          IIW2006: Getting Started

                          The Internet Identity Workshop starts today. I'm actually sitting in the Computer History Museum right now, getting things set up. It's not too late to come, if you're interested. I've added a one day option to the registration page. That includes snacks, lunch, and dinner (on Tuesday). I'll be live blogging, as will others. Instead of doing some kind of Planet aggregator like I did last time, I figured we could just advertise that we were using iiw2006 as the tag and then count on others, like Technorati to pull them all together.
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                          IIW2006: Monday Activities

                          It would be helpful for us to get a count of people who are planning on attending Monday's afternoon session, the dinner that evening, or both. If you're planning on being at either of those activities, please visit this page on the wiki and add you name to the appropriate list.
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                          Story of Digital Identity

                          Kaliya was on Aldo Castaneda's Story of Digital Identity podcast this week talking about the Internet Identity Workshop. We're expecting a good crowd.
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                          IIW Gear Available at CafePress

                          Shirts and other stuff with the cool Internet Identity Workshop logo are available now at CafePress. All this is at cost--there's no markup. If you're planning on coming to IIW May 1-3, I'd really appreciate you registering as soon as possible so that we can use reasonably good numbers for planning food for breaks, etc.
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                          IIW2006 Registration

                          The registration page for the Internet Identity Workshop is now live. Please register as soon as you can: we have early deposit requirements at the Computer History Museum that we're hoping registration fees will cover.
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                          Internet Identity Workshop 2006

                          Kaliya Hamlin, Doc Searls and I will be holding another installment of the Internet Identity Workshop at the Computer History Museum in Mountainview, CA on May 2 and 3. We're also holding a half day "intro for newbies" on the afternoon of May 1st for people who want to join the conversation on Tuesday and Wednesday. I've put up an announcement with details. Look for a registration page later this week, but I wanted people to be able to get it on their calendars now. Please link to the announcement and help spread the word.
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